Submitting an order for:
Custom Moulder Knives
Ordering is easy as 1-2-3


We just need a little information from you so we can process your order correctly.

1. Company Name and shipping address

2. Contact name: Usually your millwork manager.

3. What brand of machinery you have with how many cutting heads, and is it top or bottom cutting?

4. Do you use Axial constants, if so what are they? If you are unfamiliar with the term axial constant, it simply means how much "meat" you prefer on the sides and bottom of you template.

5. On the out feed side of you main profile cutting head, do you have an adjustable split pressure shoe or a straight one. This will affect how we design crowns with uneven sides.

Step 2

1. Fax it, Scan it, Email it , send it in the mail.

Include a cover sheet with the above information, then choose a way to send your image to us. 90% of our customers just fax it. We are also techno enthusiast so e-mail it in any format you wish such as:
(pdf, dxf, bmp, tif, jpeg, dwg, gif, etc....)

Many companies send us copies out of catalog pages to match, measured drawings from a third party, freehand pencil drawings for us to enhance, tracings of an existing moudling to match, even scanned image sections of a moulding. If you have an existing moulding that needs to be matched exactly, please follow the link to give you some tips on tracing your moulding.

Tracing your moulding like the pros!

No matter how you do it please remember we always need a thickness and a width of your moulding. To ensure good results this should be measured with machinist calipers to the nearest .001. Please do not round up or down. For example, if you would like an existing moulding that measures 4.235" to be remanufactured at an even 4 1/4" Please give us the existing precise measurement first with instructions on how you would like it scaled.

Step 3

That is all there is to it! If any of this sounds Greek, don't worry just give us a call at 702-641-2020, we are happy to walk our new clients through the entire process step by step.

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