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Grinding custom moulding knives for industrial 5-6 head moulders
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        At Template Services, Inc. we understand the concerns of the modern woodworking mill. We strive for quality, precision, fast turn around times and great value. We are always searching for the best mill working supplies at the best prices. All products must meet our high quality standards and work correctly on the "real world shop floor". We have relationships with many of the foremost tooling manufacturers to bring very competitive pricing on shop supplies such as: corrugated M2 HSS, custom moulding knives and shaper knives, planer knives and blades, moulder heads, grinding wheels, carbide inserts and so much more!

         All of our template making and custom knife grinding is done in-house for maximum controlled quality. We use only the best quality high speed steel for our blades. Rest assured knowing your orders are being manufactured by a former millwork plant manager with over 30 years experience. Ten of those years being spent actually running Weinig moulders on demanding schedules. We've designed over 20,000 custom mouldings and counting. We will get your order right, your moulding will match, and we look forward to working with you!
Machines that we make knives for:
Wadkin SCMI Mattison Diehl
Kent Wood, Leadarmac Vonnegut

Shop Fox
Williams and Hussey
( W&H )
US Concepts
Martin, Delta

RBI, Hawk Woodmaster

Smithway XL
Stetson Ross
Pinheiro Bridgewood
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Corrugated Moulder
Profile Knives

William and Hussey,
Shop Fox Moulders

Planer / Moulder
Cutter Knives
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Our Mission Statement:
To Help Give Your Company
" An Excellent Reputation for Custom Moulding"
       So what does this statement mean? How do we go about trying to achieve this goal? At Template Services we believe an excellent reputation is made up of several critical components. They start out with "Communication" and end with "Delivery". Precision moulding knives and tooling is a good step to start with, but there is more to it than that. Well if you have a couple minutes please read a little more in depth into our business philosophy. In order to achieve an excellent reputation, there are a series of hurdles that must be surpassed.

      The first step in any business deal is the conversation between the client and the vendor. At Template Services we believe our biggest asset is our one on one tooling consultations. By talking to the same moulder tooling technician every time you call, a personal relationship can be built with your company. A client doesn't have to re-explain his project or machinery to a new salesman each time he calls to order moulding knives. Andrew (owner) actually ran Weinig moulders for over 10 years and has 23 years industry experience. We are more than happy to talk about machining issues your having such as: tear-out, chatter, fuzzing, and help troubleshoot for proper moulder and shaper cutter set-up. We will always let you know if your submitted design for tooling will encounter machining problems and recommend a more suitable alternative. We are not in a hurry to get you off the phone. Talking to clients is actually one of the more enjoyable parts of our day. Go ahead, bend our ears.

    As you can see we rank responsiveness as #2 in our list. Nothing can be more frustrating than leaving a message for someone to call you back, only to never have that call returned. Promptly returning calls and messages is one of our highest priorities. We also go to extremes to get your tooling order completed in expedient fashion. Blazing fast 2-day turn around on custom moulder knives is the norm.
Template Services is one of the few companies that will actually stop taking on "new clients" from time to time in our custom tooling services. We do this to keep our lead times in check. If you are an existing customer, we will always try to service your account in the same timely manner. Even if we are not taking new accounts, existing clients will always be serviced promptly. How can you schedule your business commitments if you never know if it will take 2 days to get your moulder knives & tooling or 3 weeks?
#3 Quality
       Okay, finally we get to quality. The first step in quality is obtaining the correct information by using good communication. High quality tooling and moulder knives starts with choosing the right tooling system for the job. High speed steel knives can be very cost effective and produce excellent results on many hard and softwoods, while carbide moulding knives are perfect for some difficult to machine hardwoods and composite materials. There are disposable carbide insert knives, dedicated heads, multi-profile heads, corrugated knife inserts, all with different grades of wear, performance, and durability. Let us help you match your application with the most cost effective way of achieving superior results. A big aspect of "quality" is choosing the right tool for the job. At Template Services, we use the best quality materials to make our moulding blades and cutters. Before machining a pattern into cutters, you have to start with a basis of quality. We do this by using precision material, finely tuned grinding machinery, grinding fixtures that are checked and maintained for wear, trueness, and setting. Add to that years of experience and training by the person operating these machines and you wind up with "quality".
#4 Trustworthiness
     This one is actually pretty short. You do what you say you will do, over and over again. That's it, end of story!
#5 Value
       We help to achieve value by using the best tooling system for the job. There are a myriad of companies, products and prices out there. The most expensive tool is not always the best. Some product lines out there are just plain expensive and don't offer a substantial advantage that justify the cost. Some cheap tooling may actually wind up costing you more by having to purchase the tool more than once and by having poor performance. Cheap tooling can also damage machinery. Knowing the difference in the brands versus cost and performance is critical in making your tooling choices. Your wood product has to be competitive in the business market. By consulting on using the best machinery, production methods, lumber, manpower, & tooling we can be confident of "value".
# 6 Delivery
     Okay all this talk so far is great, but what is it worth. Like I tell my son "talk plus $0.50" will buy you a cup of coffee. At the end of the day, it's the work that actually gets delivered is what counts. Excuses don't pay bills. We know in order for you to deliver your product correctly, we must deliver correctly to you. We keep rock solid deadlines that you can count on.

     Well this completes my long-winded account of our mission statement. Id love to hear your thoughts on these last paragraphs.

Andrew Corbello

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