Moulding Knives Profile Catalog
Template Services, Inc. is proud to announce the orginal "TS Series" of profile patterns for molding knives. We hope you will take inspiration and ideas from these beautiful and unique profiles. Although we have quite a selection of molding knives to choose from, please remember that our specialty is custom work. Feel free to request modifications of existing profiles or have us create something one of kind for your shop. Click here for more info. on our molder knives grinding service.
Inside and Outside Corners
Matched Baseboards and Casings
T & G's, Paneling and Siding
More Baseboards
Hand Rail and Bar Rail
More Casings
Quarter, Half, & Full Rounds
Chair Rails
Panel Moulds and Picture Frames
Plant On and Astragals
Mitered Cabinets & Drawer Fronts
Cope & Stick ( Cabinets )
Raised Panels
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Elegant Online Profile Catalog for:
Moulder Knife Grinding Service