What are axial constants?

Axial constants are designed to be a time saving element in your mill. The concept is that the template and knife are ground at the same position on the head time after time and from profile to profile. This means that once a top cutter is set up, you should be able to switch profiles and the following profile should be setup as well with virtually no adjustments.

20mm axial constant is very common. This accounts for 10mm on the knife and 10mm overhang on the template. Although 10mm and .250" are very common costants, the actual value can be specified at any amount.

To set an axial constant on a moulder, simply clear the cutting spindle of all spacers and cutters. Then take a 10mm spacer and slide it all the way to the bottom of the shaft. Take a quality straight edge and place it flat against the 10mm spacer. Adjust the straight edge ( the side that touches the 10mm spacer ) so it is flush with the inside static fence of your moulder using your spindles in and out controls. If you spindle has a SIKO counter carefully set it to " 0.000" or -0.394 at this time.

When you remove the spacer and install the head with knives. The 10mm of steel on the molding knives will take the place of the spacer and the profile will be lined up exactly with the fence.

Feel free to call if you would like additional tips and tricks for doing this or more information about the concept in general. 702-641-2020.

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