Our Template Service: What we do

We design mouldings and make precision knife grinding profile templates. Our templates are very carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail and accurately match our shop drawing. We use the latest technology in computer drafting and highly accurate CNC machinery to create the templates out of 3/16 acrylite plastic. All work is always 100% guaranteed. Replacement and duplicate templates are very inexpensive, so you'll find you'll never want to make a template out of steel again! We are capable of incorporating any axial system your machinery uses. Our default system uses a 20mm side and 60mm bottom axial that is used in most Weinig machinery.

In general clients usually fax us a drawing to match. However, e-mail's (almost all file types), traced samples, copies of catalog pages, and fed-ex samples work just as well. We can also work with your own CAD (DXF) files or design something totally custom for you off of a scribble on a cocktail napkin. Getting your faxes to accurately represent your mouldings is easier than you think!

Although our specialty is moulding we can produce the same exacting quality of template for any company that uses patterns.

Cabinet companies: Shaper knife patterns for raised panels, and stile and rail applications.

Flooring Companies: T&G patterns for moulding knives are a snap.

Turnings: Lathe duplication patterns more precise than you thought possible.

Proto-typing: Patterns for pin routers.

Something new: We love challenges, and with our 100% guarantee you never have any risk!

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