Template Making Service Pricing
Template Services, Inc. strives to be absolutely the fastest and most skilled provider of templates in the United States at a fair price! We are able to offer such quick service because of our focus on doing one thing extremely well. Template Services has the whole procedure honed down to a science with repeatable quality results.

The Basic Service is $50.00 which includes:

Design of one moulding, no matter how complicated.

1 profile cutting template

1 computer print out to scale

Things that can cost a little extra:

If a moulding requires more than one template then

Side templates are $45.00

Bottom templates are $48.00

Replacement and duplicate templates are only $30.00 (Pattern), Stock $40.00 (no knives)


Multiple templates may be shipped with one shipping charge.

2-3 day priority USPS shipping $8.75

Priority Overnight Fed Ex $30-35 (usually, your area may be different)

If your company is in a very rural area, some of these guidelines may slightly change.

Canadian customers will be quoted on an individual basis. We will try to use the most effective service from Fedex, UPS or USPS priority.

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Pricing For Our Template Service