Why use our tooling services?

So why should a company use Template Services, Inc.? If your mill is up and operating, it must already have some mechanism in place to accomplish what we do. Here are some reasons that may help take your mill to the next level:

Experience: Template Services, inc. has made thousands of templates. We will get it right!

Fast turn-arounds: From the time we get your order, you will usually have it in your hands in 2-3 days with standard shipping. For those emergencies we can overnight it! That means you can actually be holding your templates in less than 24 hours after they are ordered to make your moulding knives!!

Reduce O.T. : Remember the last time your mill got a set of 10 brand new customs and they wanted them completed within 3 days.............enough said.

Price: Many times Template Services, Inc.can actually produce your templates more cost effectively than your own company can. Usually the worker in your mill that produces templates is one of the more highly paid people in your shop and rightly so! The reputation of your mill rides on his skills. If it takes him an hour to draw and make a template, there you go. Even if your company has its own drafting department, imagine the time it takes for your Production Manager to explain what he wants and how to design it to your drafter, who then has to draw it and schedule it in with their CNC production department, who then has to setup their machine and manufacture it,and oh, not to mention the paperwork and the training and raises for your workers who are capable of learning all these skills, making tooling, and PHEW! All that is sure to add up over $50.00. By the way a lot of the time, this is happening on overtime too, because after all that is the nature of our industry.

If your company makes them by hand: The differences will be staggering!! Fast turn-arounds, precision design, computer printouts (no pencil stuff!), and the ability to use axial constants effectively. This service can take a small 2-3 man operation and make it competitive with the huge mills that have 10 moulders! Or we can take a mill with 10 moulders and shave a layer of complexity and cost savings off your existing system.

Template Services, Inc. wants nothing more than to help give your company "An excellent reputation for custom mouldings!"

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