Industrial, High Quality Saw Blades
Our blades are made from the highest quality tool steels and carbides. Using premium quality tool steels and C-4 though C-11 super micro-sheen sub-micron carbide, the cutting performance or our saw blades are second to none. With 3 regional warehouses stocking over 90,000 blades, we are sure to be able to meet your needs and time requirements all at a competitive price. Call us for your custom saw blade requirements with fast turn around times.
Saw Blade Tooth Chart
flat top teeth are generally used on ripsaw blades. They work great for hard and soft woods and are a very efficient a removing wood quickly. Less emphasis is placed on chipping and splintering because these are reduced when ripping with the grain. Flat top teeth can also be used with other tooth designs to "rake" material out of the cut.
this tooth design means that the carbide alternates between a right and left hand bevel. Also corresponding tooth face shears can be added to varying degrees to provide a knife like edge on the high cutting side. These blades are great for cross-cutting solid woods and veneered plywoods. Higher tooth counts can provide for a finer cut. Also this design can be used on rip saw blades because it helps the blade to not follow the grain of the wood.
this is a great blade for cutting really hard materials like MDF, plastics, laminates and non-ferrous metals. These are high production blades and will keep their edge longer than ATB with almost as good cut quality.
This is kind of a generic term and can have many applications. L=left, R=Right, S=Straight, Raker. This tooth design can be used on combination Rip and Crosscutt blades by adding an enlarged gullet after the Raker tip or can be used on precision trim saws with enhanced face shears and top bevels for extremely smooth chip-free multi-use cutting.
like the name implies this design is similar to the ATB except the bevels are increased and enhanced. This design can provide extra fine crosscutting and excel at cutting materials that are prone to chipping. The extreme knife like cutting edge is the perfect blade for slicing through melamine with a super clean edge.
Conic scoring blades are designed to work in comination with our panel saw blades. By adjusting the depth of the score, the width of the cut can be adjusted to just slightly wider than the main panel sawblade. This combination is commonly used on double sided melamine and veneered plywoods that chip or fur easily.
Saw Blade Application Categories
General Purpose
Precision Trim Blades
Gang/ Ripsaw Blades
Panel Saw Blades
Glue Joint Ripsaw Blades
Conical Blades
Radial Arm/ Crosscut Slider
Thin Kerf
Laminate / Melamine
Contractor Series
HardiPlank, Polycrystalline
****Custom Blades****
Solid Surface
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