About Our Companies History

Template Services,

is located in beautiful

Las Vegas, Nevada

     Template Services, Inc. was born as a result of the incredible opportunities in Las Vegas for custom moulding. As one might imagine the styles encountered in the Casino's are virtually limitless. You can experience designs that are ultra-contemporary to Gothic. Andrew Corbello (owner) spent 15 years running mouldings and managing millwork operations before starting Template Services. Andrew has designed thousands of mouldings, many of which are still delighting visitors in our fabulous Casinos.

     The fact that Andrew worked his way up through an actual "Mill" is an incredibly important issue. When your mouldings are designed, they are being designed by someone who ran moulders for 10+ years. Template Services, Inc. is already aware of all the issues your company is concerned about.


Matching samples exactly

Designing to reduce chatter and hold down problems.

We know all appropriate relief angles, so your knives don't burn.

Our complicated intersecting blends really blend. And our molder knives are made to help reduce the effects of the inevitable variances and movement of the wood as it is being machined.

Coordinate all your shops custom tooling in one stop. Work from one master DXF file!

We understand your time frames and know the absolute importance of a commitment. We keep rock solid deadlines, so your company can too. Contact us to start the process!

Even though we got our start in Las Vegas, we happily ship throughout the U.S. and Canada.

We look forward to developing a relationship with your company!

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Knowledgeable and Experienced Custom Design:
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